What our Customers say...

Storm Damage Testimonials

Due to the recent storms we've had one of our properties was damaged. Randy's team helped us tremendously. Turned a bad situation into something manageable. Thank you.

We had no idea what to do when we got flooded. SERVPRO came and did an amazing job explaining what to expect and were super understanding of the situation. These guys did a great job!

We had SERVPRO come out and do some work after the big rainfall last week.  They were quick, efficient, clean workers and did a good job at cleaning up the mess quick as I needed to leave town and didn't want to leave my wife to have to deal with everything.  Unfortunately I didn't get to work with Randy from the get go and if I had I think it would have gone a lot smoother.  We had some issues with billing as it wasn't going to be covered by insurance (we still don't know where the leak came from!!).  Randy the owner cares about his business and is an honest person and you can tell he cares about the customers as he ultimately made sure the billing was correct.  Thank you SERVPRO for making things right and getting the job done!

Fast, friendly and reliable service. Randy and his team were so helpful when our home was flooded in the recent storms. If Google had 6 stars, we'd give him that! So fantastic.

It's not often that one find a service that exceeds our every expectation such is SERVPRO fire and water cleanup restoration professionals. Thank you Randy Vance and Richard for your speedy timely and professional manner in which you handled and rescued my home from water and mildew damage. You are a service that one can trust and depend on in time of crisis I also want to thank you for your generous discount towards our seniors and veterans you do our military and seniors a great honor.

I was one of the many El Nino victims and all I could do was call my insurance agent. I was worried having a 1800 handle what had happened, but I was glad they referred us to SERVPRO. Randy came to my house within minutes and made sure to shut off my water while it was still leaking everywhere. So glad they came here so fast. It could have been so much worst.